Seed of Destiny

Frozen in Fear

Dead by Dawn

Second adventure

Blah Blah

Treasure Awarded:

  • +1 Plate Armor of Exploits (White Dragon Tower)
  • 2 Potions of Healing (Temple cache)
  • 4 Flasks of Holy Water (Temple cache)
  • Necroshard (Temple Rectory)
  • 100 gp (Temple Rectory)
  • Two 100gp Gems (Temple Rectory)
  • One 100gp Gem (Zombie corpse, first wave)
  • 60 gp (Zombie corpse, first wave)
  • Embersoul Gensai Armor (Zombie Corpse, second wave)

XP Earned: Autoleveled to Level 2 after Dragon Encounter
Orcus temple:3673 split among 6 characters, 612xp Each.



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