On a fine silver chain is fixed a black colored stone that shines with a purple light in the darkness.

The Necroshard is a +2 magic amulet with the following properties and powers.
Item slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex and Will
Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to Religon checks relating to the Undead.
Property: In darkness, the Necroshard emits dim purple light extending out 4 squares.


The cult was led by a grizzled priest named Garvus Harbane who maintained his position through the power of a meteor shard he had discovered. The shard radiated strong necrotic energy, and Garvus called his prized possession the “necroshard.” After leading the cult for many years, Garvus sought to prolong his life through a dangerous necromantic ritual a few years ago. However, he foolishly used the necroshard as the ritual’s focus and unleashed a wave of raw energy that killed him and every living creature in the temple. Although a catastrophic and lethal failure for Garvus, his ritual increased the potential power of the necroshard tenfold. Each night since, the shard has slowly been growing in power. The necroshard’s power is at its strongest at night, when it saturates the surrounding area with the power of death.


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